Magical Lockdown? Brief notes from a symbolic imagination:

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At some point during my MA studies in Myth, Cosmology and The Sacred, I started to become aware that there was likely a hidden religion at the heart of magisterial and political power, guiding a number of influential ancient civilizations in both ritual practice and important political actions. Egyptian, Greek, Roman and beyond… civilizations which have all operated both overtly and covertly, to varying degrees, upon esoteric, Hermetic principles and in particular upon the belief in planetary and astrological influence and power. This idea may be most simply reflected in the Hermetic axiom ‘As above, so below’ and the concept that an alignment, affinity and correspondence with celestial and planetary power will cement earthly influence and bestow both favor and success to ones endeavors on the material plain. Such concepts are the very basics of magical ritual and seem to have permeated governmental institutions of power for thousands of years.

Therefore, the natural question arose for me during my studies… To what extent do such beliefs in ancient magical practices of power continue at governmental levels today? I would assume not at all, right? Yet, this year, and perhaps with the above context in mind, I made note of the following:

1.On the 22nd March 2020, squeezed neatly between both SPRING EQUINOX and the NEW MOON of 24th March, Boris Johnson held the press conference during which he announced that the UK would enter Full Lockdown in response to the Coronavirus.

2. On the 7th and 8th of April 2020, during the peak of a FULL MOON / ‘PINK SUPERMOON’ and two days after being admitted to hospital with Coronavirus, Boris Johnson was placed into intensive care. He left the ICU on the 9th April, the day that the FULL MOON began to wane.

3. On the 12th April 2020, Boris Johnson emerged from his stay in hospital and resurrected back into public awareness, the same day as Jesus Christ, on EASTER SUNDAY.

4. On the 22nd September 2020, and once again on EQUINOX (AUTUMN), Boris Johnson held a press conference to announce the start of the UK’s return towards Lockdown and the re-implementation of restrictions in the UK.

5. Today, on the 31st October 2020, not only the evening of HALLOWEEN but also a rare BLUE FULL MOON (occurring every 76 years), Boris Johnson appeared to the nation and announced that the Second Lockdown will begin imminently in the UK on the 5th November, and of course, the annual ‘thanksgiving’ celebration for the failure of Guy Fawkes to burn down our beloved Houses of Parliament.

6. (Added on the 23rd Feb 2021) The 21st February 2021 has now seen Johnson declare to the public that the government are aiming for UK life to return back to normal on the coming SUMMER SOLSTICE, 21st June 2021.

Although far from an exhaustive analysis by any means, this emergent pattern of ritual date alignments of the key UK Coronavirus announcements with important Pagan ritual times is intriguing to me. I have chosen to stop well short of offering any possible interpretations of these timings and events here… the symbolic picture of this is only just starting to take root in my mind. Equally, it is too murky a ground. Especially because the moment at which Boris Johnson entered into intensive care does require a rather cynical leap! But still… it happened — an event which, by the end, symbolically entangles Johnson’s destiny quite perfectly with our lord and savior Jesus Christ himself!

And so… my mind remains suspicious! Does anyone else think that perhaps, maybe… somewhere… in today’s top UK governmental advisory boards there’s some folk of magical, pagan or hermetic discernment? Aligning and guiding these important moments in the UK governments ‘battle’ against Coronavirus, and in particular, their announcements about it to the public? Why else would these events sync quite neatly with a number of 2020's most important pagan ritual dates? Or perhaps there is some other, more logical reasoning? Such as… its just a co-incidence? I would certainly hope so! A much more nefarious interpretation might be that we are all just pawns in some kind of elite magical Coronavirus ritual! Sounds fun. Some have suggested to me that this is indicative of the presence of Freemasons within the corridors of power in London. Or perhaps more pragmatically still… is this stuff just merely an expression of the same unconscious patterns of mind which our ancient ancestors also experienced? Moments of unconscious synchronicities that reflect the state of our collective unconscious?

I don’t know. Its far too early to tell. But I suspect that the answer may well have to be — ‘all of the above’ and more! Reality is weird now. That’s it. We better get used to it!


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